How to Become a Registered Buyer

Buyers Registration Form

We have all potential investors fill out our quick buyer’s profile form. It is used to find out what type of REO portfolios buyers are interested in, the amount of money to be invested for a portfolio and the buyer’s financial goals as it relates to buying real estate portfolios.

  1. If a Buyer Representative (BR) fills out the Buyer Registration Form but does not wish to disclose their buyer’s information, they may do so.  NAREOB will provide the BR with a direct link to the Seller Representative after discussing the program and consulting fees.

Non-Circumvention Non-Disclosure (“NCND”) and Fee Agreement

Prior to receiving the portfolio lists you will be required to sign this agreement.
This document is primarily used when proprietary information must be kept discreet between agreeing parties and when the seller and buyer do not know each other, but are brought into contact with each other by intermediaries (also known as brokers or middlemen), to fulfill the transaction.

Letter of Intent or Letter of Interest (“LOI”)

We combine the “LOI” questions on our buyer’s profile form. A “LOI” is needed to describe exactly what the buyer wants to purchase and usually has the following information:

  • Type of Property
  • Preferred Price Range
  • Preferred Geographic
  • Exit Strategy, &
  • Quality of the Property

Proof Of Funds (“POF”)

Investors must submit proof of liquid funds. The buyer must show they have liquid funds sufficient to purchase portfolios. We cannot show portfolios without such proof. This requirement is similar to buying a home the traditional way just with a slight difference. Before an agent will show you a home, they require you to be pre-approved for a mortgage loan. Our sellers require buyers to show they can pay for portfolios and since you can not use mortgage financing to do this, you need to show them you can buy.

We offer a new service , NAREOB Bulk Sale Binder, which include ready to us NCND & Fee Agreements along with LOI and POF documents.  To Learn about the valuable service, go the Bulk Sale Binder.